Wicked Night Pumpkin Ale
A deliciously twisted little brew
There’s nothing ghoulish about our traditional Halloween recipe. A spirited brew that would make Dr Frankenstein proud, simply add in a few dark spices to concoct an ale that looks like a beer, but tastes like a mouth-watering slice of pumpkin pie, with aromas of nutmeg and sweet, toffee malt flavour.


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Wicked Night Pumpkin Ale
Wicked Night Pumpkin Ale

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    Beer Characteristics

    Alcohol by Volume*
    Brewing Program:  Ale
    Approximate Brewing Time:**  7-10 Days
    Brew Notes:  This brew requires additional ingredients that you will need to source; 0.75gm Star Anise, 1.25gm Cinnamon, 1.25gm Nutmeg, 1.25gm All Spice, 1.25gm Ginger, 1.25gm Clove. After fermentation, boil 1 cup of water, add spices and infuse for 15 minutes, strain into BeerDroid along with single Hop pouch addition. Beware when brewing this bold beer, due to it’s vigorous fermentation it may overflow from the vent port for the first 48 hours. The delicate hop aroma desired for this BrewPrint is achieved using a single Hop dose for your full 10L brew. Unlike other BrewPrints, you will need to infuse a single Hop sachet directly into the BeerDroid, following notification that fermentation is complete (as you would if bottling).
    *Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    Estimated Alcohol by Volume(ABV) when made to exact brewing instructions. Guide only.
    **Approximate Brewing Time
    Approximate brewing time. Does not included secondary fermentation once kegged (minimum 14 days). Guide only.
    Inside the box
    1x Droid Cleanse is included in each BrewPrint.