BrewArt BrewFlo *Pre-Order*

BrewArt BrewFlo *Pre-Order*

BrewFlo is the world’s first temperature controlled beer dispenser that doesn’t require CO2. Enjoy great tasting, fully carbonated beer with a rich frothy head, each pour.

An easy to read LCD screen displays the serving temperature, as set by you, to dispense various beer styles in any weather. 

The chrome finished beer font with interchangeable tap tops gives a pub quality finish and that genuine 'pub pour' feeling.

BrewFlo is complemented by the patented BrewArt kegging system, which prevents any oxygen from touching the beer. This extends shelf life and allows you to store, and switch, even partially used kegs.



  • Powerful yet quiet compressor to cool to 3°C (37°F)
  • Easy to read backlit LCD
  • Chrome-finish font
  • Interchangeable tap tops
  • Fluid level and cooling indicators
  • Drip tray to remove condensation
  • Dispenses BrewArt 5L Kegs


Don't Forget Your Complete Kegging Pack

To use the BrewFlo you will require the BrewArt kegs and sealed filling system. The BrewArt Complete Kegging Pack contains everything you need to keg your brews and serve from the BrewFlo.

Get the Complete Kegging Pack here.


Due To Demand We've Sold Out! 

* Expected Pre-Order Delivery: November *

Want to get brewing before the BrewFlo is back in stock? Get started with a Complete PET Bottling Pack in the interim.

  • The perfect pour

    Great tasting, fully carbonated beer with a rich frothy head, every pour.

  • Whatever the weather

    From icy cold lagers and IPAs, to winter warming stouts and hearty ales, your beer is chilled to the perfect serving temperature.

  • Keep the party going

    Convenient scale shows how much fresh, delicious beer is left in your keg.

  • Store and Pour

    Store your beer until it is ready to serve in patented BrewArt 5 liter kegs.

  • Who has time to clean?

    Disposable Keg Liner and Beer Lines for a fresh clean start every brew.

  • Quick change

    Simple 2 snap connection.

  • A longer life

    Oxygen is kept away from the beer, so it stays fresher for longer.

  • Be Inspired by BrewPrints

    A selection of beer recipes recreated using the highest quality raw materials.

    Discover Brewprints