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Temperature controlled beer dispenser

BrewFlo is a sophisticated temperature-controlled beer dispenser that looks good anywhere, from kitchen to deck to bar. World-first technology makes it easy to dispense the full range of beer styles at premium quality, with no CO2 or adjustment required. Your own brew served at the right temperature, every time.

Pub quality beer font

Stylish chrome finished beer tap gives a professional beer pouring experience with that satisfying pub quality pull.

Personalise your tap

Make the BrewFlo your own with interchangeable, personalised tap tops.

Convenient beer level scale

View how much beer is left in the keg at a glance. Swap it out for a new brew then reuse your partial keg later.

Cooling indicator

Easy to read LCD screen and fully adjustable temperature control makes it easy to maintain any beer style at the perfect drinking temperature.

Powerful compressor

Powerful compressor allows the beer to be cooled even in high temperature environments.

Quality finished Beer Tray

Captures any spills, separates for easy cleaning

Push Button Drain

Flush drain removes condensation from the unit.

Designed for BrewArt 5 litre keg

The BrewArt kegging system uses strengthened PET Kegs, specifically designed for use with BrewArt Keg Liners and Beer Lines. Can be pre-cooled in a fridge or cooled to correct serving temperature in the BrewFlo dispenser.

Simple 2 snap connection

Easy snap connections for simple, quick keg changes.

No oxygen touches the beer

Using BrewArt Keg Liners, the patented BrewArt dispensing system stops damaging oxygen from contacting your beer, keeping it fresh and extending shelf life.

Use with partial kegs

Change kegs and use partial kegs, without affecting beer quality or shelf life.

No cleaning required

Disposable Keg Liners and Beer Lines eliminate the need for cleaning and sanitising.

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  • The perfect pour

    Great tasting, fully carbonated beer with a rich frothy head, every pour.

  • Whatever the weather

    From icy cold lagers and IPAs, to winter warming stouts and hearty ales, your beer is chilled to the perfect serving temperature.

  • Keep the party going

    Convenient scale shows how much fresh, delicious beer is left in your keg.

  • Store and Pour

    Store your beer until it is ready to serve in patented BrewArt 5 litre kegs.

  • Who has time to clean?

    Disposable Keg Liner and Beer Lines for a fresh clean start every brew.

  • Quick change

    Simple 2 snap connection.

  • A longer life

    Oxygen is kept away from the beer, so it stays fresher for longer.

  • Be Inspired by BrewPrints

    A selection of beer recipes recreated using the highest quality raw materials.

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