BrewArt BeerDroid

BrewArt BeerDroid

The BeerDroid is the world's first fully automated personal brewer, which brings the art, craft and science of brewing together in one elegant unit.

Brew 10 litres of any beer style imaginable at pub quality, using BrewPrints and BrewArt Ingredients.

The BrewArt App allows you to monitor and control the BeerDroid wherever you are.



  • Temperature Controlled
  • WiFi enabled to upgrade firmware
  • Easy to read backlit LCD
  • Quiet operation
  • Minimal preparation and cleaning
  • Pre-set Lager and Ale brewing programs
  • Custom option for developing your own individual brews
  • Automatic storage mode
  • Patented End of Fermentation (EOF) Technology


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Note: Serial Number Logged for Anti-Theft Protection


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  • Become a BrewArtist

    Brew 10 litres of great tasting, premium quality beer with the push of a button.

  • Brew any beer style imaginable at pub quality

    From fresh crisp lagers and hop filled IPAs to hearty ales and rich stouts.

  • Quality assured

    State of the art technology combined with the highest quality ingredients, nothing has been left to chance.

  • Be Inspired by BrewPrints

    A selection of beer recipes recreated using the highest quality raw materials.

  • Stay in touch

    Monitor and control your brew via the BrewArt app wherever you are.

  • Order up!

    Convenient one-step ordering from anywhere via the BrewArt app.

  • Enjoy off the tap!

    A temperature controlled beer dispenser like no other.

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