• Welcome to BrewArt. A complete system that enables you to brew your own pub quality beer at the push of a button. Monitor and control your brew from a smart phone. Keg and dispense without requiring CO2.


The art of brewing

The BeerDroid is the world's first fully automated personal brewer, which brings the art, craft and science of brewing together in one elegant unit. Brew 10 litres of any beer style imaginable using BrewPrints and BrewArt Ingredients or your own customized ingredients. Precise temperature control enables you to brew character filled IPAs through to crisp clean lagers while the patented End-Of-Fermentation technology tells you exactly when your brew is complete and ready to keg. The BrewArt App allows you to monitor and control the BeerDroid wherever you are.
  • BrewArt App

    Monitor and control your brew via the BrewArt app wherever you are. Receive push notifications of brewing milestones.

  • BrewPrints

    From hopped up IPA’s to crisp lagers BrewPrints contain everything you need to create your favorite. Select from a wide range of ready-to-brew styles or create your own. Each BrewPrint is assigned a unique brewing profile that links to the BeerDroid to accurately control the process.

  • Quality Natural Ingredients

    BrewArt takes the uncertainty out of brewing, sourcing the highest quality barley, hops and natural ingredients as used in commercial breweries around the world. BrewArt ingredients are free from additives and preservatives.

  • Customize and Create

    With BrewArt ingredients the possibilities are endless. Combine Elements, Enhancers, Hops, Dry Hops and Yeasts to create a beer as unique as you are. You can also add your own ingredients.

BrewFlo is a temperature controlled beer dispenser that doesn’t require costly CO2 cylinders. Enjoy great tasting, fully carbonated beer with a rich frothy head every pour. The built in scale indicates how much beer you have left at a glance. Partial kegs can be swapped in and out of the BrewFlo without affecting beer quality or shelf life.
  • Whatever the Weather

    From icy cold lagers and IPAs, to winter warming stouts and hearty ales, your beer is chilled to the perfect serving temperature.

  • Designed for BrewArt 5 Liter Kegs

    The BrewArt Kegging system dispenses party perfect 5L kegs, without the need for CO2 cylinders.

  • No Cleaning Required

    Disposable Keg Liners and Beer Lines eliminate the need for cleaning and sanitizing.

  • No Oxygen/Extended Shelf Life

    BrewArt Keg Liners stop damaging oxygen and light contacting your beer, keeping it fresh, allowing you to use and change partial kegs and extending shelf life.



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