Julebryg Spiced Lager

A Danish Christmas tradition

The story goes that the first Julebryg (Christmas Brew), was made by Carlsminde Brewery in 1958. Vikings were known to brew a high-powered beer-like drink to get them through the dark winter months. The popularity of this seasonal beer prompted other breweries to follow.

Over the years, this dark pilsner has become a clear sign that Christmas has arrived in Denmark. The annual launch, known as 'J-day', takes place the first Friday in November and is a day of celebration across Denmark. Brewery truck drivers deliver to bars and cafés while singing the traditional Christmas Brew song and handing out free beer to the guests to mark the start of the festive season.

Dark-golden colour with a fresh aroma of caramel, cereal, liquorice and blackcurrant, Julebryg is a bottom-fermented wiener beer, the perfect companion to add some European spice to your Christmas celebrations!



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Julebryg Spiced Lager
Julebryg Spiced Lager

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    Beer Characteristics

    Alcohol by Volume*
    Brewing Program:  Lager
    Approximate Brewing Time:**  9-14 Days
    Brew Notes:  This brew requires additional ingredients that you will need to source; half a Star Anise, half a Vanilla Bean, 1 Cinnamon stick. After fermentation, boil 1 cup of water, add spices and infuse for 10 minutes, tip into BeerDroid along with single Hop pouch addition and infuse for 24 hours prior to kegging. Beware when brewing this bold beer, due to it’s vigorous fermentation it may overflow from the vent port for the first 48 hours.
    *Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    Estimated Alcohol by Volume(ABV) when made to exact brewing instructions. Guide only.
    **Approximate Brewing Time
    Approximate brewing time. Does not included secondary fermentation once kegged (minimum 14 days). Guide only.
    Inside the box
    1x Droid Cleanse is included in each BrewPrint.