The BrewArt range of pure hop aromas produce lifted aromatics out of the glass to delight the senses and define the beer's personality.

Hops 1

Citrus and floral aromas for beers with a firm bitterness.


Hops 2

Resinous with bold citrus and floral notes for beers with an assertive bitter finish.


Hops 3

Subtle herbal and ester aromas for beers with a soft finish.


Hops 4

Herbal and spicy notes, highlights firm bitterness.


Hops 5

Floral and herbal notes for beers with a clean finish.


Hops 6

A lifted blend of passionfruit and stone fruit aromas.


Hops 7

Herbal and fruity notes blended with sweet toffee and biscuit malt aromas.


Hops 8

Zingy orange peel and coriander spice aromas.

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Hops 9

Spicy, fruity aromas for beers of deep color and moderate bitterness.