Dry Hops

The BrewArt range of natural Dry Hops produces beers bursting with big, hoppy flavours and aromas and improved head retention. The Dry Hop Filter is required to filter out hop debris. If you are bottling you'll also need the Dry Hop Bottling Adaptor

IMPORTANT: Keep your Dry Hops in the fridge to maintain flavour and aroma.

Dry Hop 1 - Cascade

Cascade. Floral aromas, hints of grapefruit and spicy citrus.

Dry Hop 2 - Centennial

Centennial. Pine and citrus, floral undertones.

Dry Hop 3 - Chinook

Chinook. Piney and spicy aromas.

Dry Hop 4 - Simcoe

Simcoe. Passionfruit, citrus, herbal and pine.

Dry Hop 5 - Amarillo

Amarillo. Lemon, orange, herbal and grapefruit.

Dry Hop 6 - Citra

Citra. Grapefruit, lime and passionfruit.

Dry Hop 7 - Galaxy

Galaxy. Passionfruit, peach and citrus.

Dry Hop 8 - Mosaic

Mosaic. Blueberry, tropical fruits, citrus and bubblegum.