Summer Brews Collection

Thirst-quenching summer BrewPrints.

Golden Days of Summer Ale

All the makings of a legendary summer


Bombshell Blonde Low Carb

Easy on the hips and the lips


Lion City Lager

The crowd will roar


Top End Crisp Lager

Laid-back thirst quencher

Lighthouse Pacific Pale

A beacon for craft beer fans


US Chiller Lager

Cold filtered brew


Coopers Pacific Pale Ale

A bright, fresh, summery Pacific Pale Ale

Australian Premium Lager

Popular Pilsner style lager


Aztec Cerveza

Popular sparkler down Mexico way


Bavarian Lager

Best of Bavaria


Belgian Lager

Belgian style golden lager


Belter XPA

A full-flavoured blast from start to finish

Birra Italiano

Ciao, bella; Italian with style


Coopers Mild Ale

Smooth malt with a cleansing finish


Deutsch Lager

In the great German tradition


Discovery Pale Ale

Discover the art of brewing

German Weissbier

Hazy days of summer ale


Lawn Mower Lager

A cut above the rest


Low Carb Dry Lager

A dry lager to wet your whistle

Mönch Lager

Ancient brew for modern man


Narci-Citrus IPA

Get your creative juices flowing

Neder Lager

Classic lager in the Dutch style


Pineapple Crush IPA

Go troppo for this IPA

Queensland Gold

A mid-strength summer favourite


Spoke Amber Ale

A new world ale to spin your wheels


Stars & Stripes Lager

Medium-bodied, full-flavoured American style


Tall Tale Ale

An unbelievably crisp little ale

Tea Party Lager

Revolutionary flavour


The Original Pilsner

Fresh bread and honeysuckle


The Point IPA

All things point to IPA

Mongrel IPA

An all-out riot for the senses