Solar Flare Amber Ale
An explosion of flavour
Experience an explosion of flavour with our American Amber Ale, Solar Flare – a brew that is out of this world! You’ll be energised by the vibrant aroma of citrus and floral notes, enticing you to take another sip. Bursts of sweet biscuity malt flavours balance out the medium bitterness as they wash over your palate. Unleash the energy of Solar Flare and enjoy this flavour filled ale on a warm summer day or crisp autumn night.


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Solar Flare Amber Ale
Solar Flare Amber Ale

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    Beer Characteristics

    Alcohol by Volume*
    Brewing Program:  Custom - Propagate: 21°C, Ferment: 19°C, Keg: 18°C, Store: 4°C
    Approximate Brewing Time:**  7-10 Days
    *Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    Estimated Alcohol by Volume(ABV) when made to exact brewing instructions. Guide only.
    **Approximate Brewing Time
    Approximate brewing time. Does not included secondary fermentation once kegged (minimum 14 days). Guide only.
    Inside the box
    1x Droid Cleanse is included in each BrewPrint.