Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout
Five-tsar stout
Nostrovia! This big black bear of a stout is as dark and thick as a winter’s night in St Petersburg. Originally brewed in the 18th century in London, it was exported to Imperial Russia where it provided welcome relief from even the iciest storms. Aromas of coffee and chocolate burst out of the glass, and from the first sip, its luxurious texture will fill your mouth, before rounding out with a bold and majestic bitterness. This brew will get you through the toughest of winters.


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Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout
Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout

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    Beer Characteristics

    Alcohol by Volume*
    Brewing Program:  Ale
    Approximate Brewing Time:**  9-14 Days
    Brew Notes:  The higher alcohol content of this brew requires a modification to the regular BrewPrint procedure. Only fill your BeerDroid with 9L of water, which with the addition of the ingredients will still make 10L of beer. Beware when brewing this bold beer, due to it’s vigorous fermentation it may overflow from the vent port for the first 48 hours.
    *Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    Estimated Alcohol by Volume(ABV) when made to exact brewing instructions. Guide only.
    **Approximate Brewing Time
    Approximate brewing time. Does not included secondary fermentation once kegged (minimum 14 days). Guide only.
    Inside the box
    1x Droid Cleanse is included in each BrewPrint.