BrewFlo Upgrade Pack



Upgrade your BrewFlo Version 1 to get some of the great new features available with our New and Improved BrewFlo using this retrofit upgrade pack.

The upgrade pack allows you to use redesigned Keg Caps and FloCon with BrewFlo Version 1.

FloCon – Adjust and regulate the speed of your beer flow to give complete head control, for that perfect pour.
Redesigned Keg Caps – Our new Keg Caps have Stainless Steel Valves and connect with ball lock fittings for reliable ease of use. Retro-fit the compatible Air Line so you can use new Keg Caps.

Note: You will need to upgrade existing Kegs with NEW Keg Caps to be compatible with your upgraded BrewFlo.


1 x FloCon
1 x Retro Fit Air Line and Connector
1 x Keg Filling Cap