Bombshell Blonde Low Carb

Easy on the hips and the lips

Bombshell Blonde is an enticingly refreshing low carb beer similar to some of the most popular low carb brews. Bright and light in colour with low bitterness, a crisp finish and great drinkability, Bombshell is perfect on a warm, sunny day and won’t spoil your beach bod. Bombshell Blonde has approximately 1.9g of residual carbohydrate per 100ml – this is about 45% less carbohydrate than regular brews.


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Beer Characteristics

Alcohol by Volume*
Brewing Program:  Lager
Approximate Brewing Time:**  6-14 Days
Brew Notes:  The delicate hop aroma desired for this mid-strength summer favourite is achieved using a single dose of H3 for your full 10L brew. Unlike other BrewPrints, you will need to infuse a single H3 sachet directly into the BeerDroid, following notification that fermentation is complete (as you would if bottling).
*Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
Estimated Alcohol by Volume(ABV) when made to exact brewing instructions. Guide only.
**Approximate Brewing Time
Approximate brewing time. Does not included secondary fermentation once kegged (minimum 14 days). Guide only.
Inside the box
1x Droid Cleanse is included in each BrewPrint.